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Breach, along with the rest of the Pack, including Circe, arrived with Van Kleiss in the Bug Jar.She was the only Pack member who was told to accompany Van Kleiss further into the heart of the Bug Jar, so that he could persuade No Face to join his cause.Breach and Circe were seen using worm EVOs to dump Abysus soil underneath the UN building in New York City.When Rex approached, she silently ordered one of the EVOs to attack him, but Circe stopped her.Rex, who mistakenly took this person for Circe, was wrong.Breach was sent to recruit a villainous EVO named Quarry.When breaking him out of Providence, she explained to him that Van Kleiss wanted to use his special abilities for something.

After realizing that destroying the town upset her, Rex began to destroy more of the town.

During the fight, Noah drop-kicked her, knocking her unconscious.

Later, after Agent Six came to their rescue, she battled him.

She suffered a full mental breakdown and disappeared into an imploding portal.

Breach was assigned the task of placing bombs throughout Providence HQ as part of Van Kleiss's plan to get revenge on Providence and Rex for temporarily curing her master of his EVO abilities.

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