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Tele2 has an option to buy the remaining 49% of Mobile Telecom-Service LLP within 5 years after the contract was closed.Tele2 is the smallest of three mobile operators in Kazakhstan with about 4.3 million customers.Comvik changed its name to become Comviq when the company got a GSM license in 1988 and started operating in 1992.In 1991, Sweden's first commercial ISP was started with the Swedish IP Network (SWIPnet, AS1257) by Industriförvaltnings AB Kinnevik, later known as Tele2, and in 1993 with telephone liberalisation in Sweden, Tele2 started to offer international calls.In 1981, a mobile phone provider called Comvik started as an alternative mobile phone operator to Televerket (today known as Telia Company).The cable television provider Kabelvision AB started in 1986.Tele2 claimed an LTE population coverage of 90% in September 2015.Tele2 used to operate as 2G MVNO in France use Orange network for coverage and joined to Virgin Mobile in 2009.

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In April 2017 Tele2 became the first and as of July 2017 the only mobile operator to offer unlimited flat-rate broadband access without throttling (for voice customers) and partial throttling (for mobile broadband users) Tele2 is operating an HSPA-enabled 3G network in the 900 MHz and 2100 MHz bands as well as a 2G GSM network in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands.Tele2 AB is a European telecommunications operator headquarters in the Kista Science City, Stockholm, Sweden.It is a major telephone operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries and an alternative provider in many others, with about 14 million customers in 9 countries.On 15 July 2010, Tele2 demonstrated the first LTE network in the Netherlands on the frequencies (2600 MHz) it was awarded licenses for earlier the same year.In late 2010, Tele2 Netherlands acquired BBned from Telecom Italia.

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