Updating linux mint

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Linux Mint's showcase Cinnamon desktop was introduced in 2011 as a reaction to the usability mess of GNOME Shell 3.0.Ubuntu also switched to Unity in 2011, which caused a similar uproar over usability issues.In a blog post, Lefebvre states that the goal of X-Apps is "To provide generic, desktop-agnostic and distro-agnostic [applications with] the functionality users already enjoy" in GTK3.He also noted that the impetus for creating X-Apps was that "You can write 'GNOME apps' or 'Ubuntu apps' using specific techniques or following specific concepts which make them look awesome in their specific environments...

First, this is an obvious case of attempting to develop a standard to cover all use cases.Second, this plan will not scale well in maintenance or through time.Solus, a Linux distribution that also showcases their own custom desktop (Budgie), is able to produce a modern desktop covering many (though, not all, in fairness) of the same goals using the latest version of GNOME desktop apps.In an article in February regarding the website hack, I contended that Mint exists to showcase the Cinnamon desktop.Cinnamon is as integral to Mint as Unity is to Ubuntu, but both distributions predate the desktop environments for which they are now primarily associated with.

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