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It remains unclear why this occurred to the Emesani dynasty.

Alexio II died in 78 and he was succeeded by his son Sampsiceramus III.

Other claim of the origin is that the name "Emesa" seems to be derived from the nomadic Arab tribe, called Emesenoi by the Greeks and the Romans, that inhabited the region prior to Roman influence in the area.

For approximately 2,000 years, Homs has served as a key agricultural market, production site and trade center for the villages of northern Syria.

Despite the fact that the Emesani dynasty were loyal allies to Rome, for unknown reasons the Roman state reduced the autonomous rule of the Emesani dynasty.

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Homs began to decline under the Ottomans and only in the 19th century did the city regain its economic importance when its cotton industry boomed.Under him, Emesa sent the Roman military a regular levy of archers and assisted them in their siege of Jerusalem in 70.Sohaemus had died in 73 and was succeeded by his son, Alexio II.The generations after Alexio II, are not recorded sufficiently to accurately present a pedigree.The integration of client states was actively pursued under the Flavians.

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