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Then she started to apply the system I’m about to teach you — and the problem was solved.You’ve already applied the first step, hearing a name and deciding on a Substitute Word or Thought in order to make that name meaningful.Say you’ve just been introduced to Mr Pukczyva — pronounced puckshiva. This time, if you imagine a small lens (camera, or contact lens) skiing, then the name no longer zips past.

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If you like, you can also include something that will remind you that the person is, say, a doctor, a teacher, an army general, an actor or a writer.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do this with any name, no matter what its length or complexity.

Let’s start with what I call ‘zip’ names — because they’re the type that tend to zip in one ear and straight out of the other, without lodging in the memory.

Are you dreading this year’s Christmas parties, worried that you’ll embarrass yourself by forgetting people’s names?

Well, I have good news for you: my memory system — which I’ve honed over many decades — will ensure that you’ll always be able to put a name to a face. ’ The great thing about doing this is that you’ll be corrected if you’re wrong — ‘No, it’s L- o- r- a- y-n- e’ — and that gives you more time to recall the name.

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