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Expressions that are manufactured differ from those that are spontaneous and truly felt.

For example, a false smile can be detected by a lack of involvement of the eyes (Ekman et al, 1988).

Within limits, masculine features do make people less trustworthy (Sirrat, 2010).(e.g., spreading one’s hands when describing something big) suggest emotional involvement and reinforce what is being said.The idea is that these physiological indices are outside of conscious control.Of course, a baseline needs to be established using questions where the answer is known to be true or false before moving on to critical questions.When Neville Chamberlain met Hitler in 1938 he came away with the impression that “here was a man who could be relied upon when he had given his word” (Ekman, 1992).This failure of reading body language had dire consequences, perhaps leading to the Second World War. Modern research and techniques could help but the science of lie detection remains imperfect.

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