Interfaith dating jews

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If this is true, the rise in religious intermarriage over time may not be as pronounced as it appears, since the Religious Landscape Study measures only marriages intact today (i.e., it is possible there were more intermarriages before 1960 that have since ended in divorce).In any case, interfaith relationships are even common today among unmarried people living with a romantic partner than among those who are married.Nearly half (49%) of unmarried couples are living with someone of a different faith. Hindus (91%), Mormons (82%) and Muslims (79%) who are married or living with a partner are with someone of the same religion.

"Every marriage is a mixed marriage," says Nora Rubel, a Jewish college professor from Rochester, New York, who is married to a Protestant man.

When Shanny and Kimberly Luft started dating, both Jesus and Yahweh seemed to be standing in the way.

He had been raised a Conservative Jew, she had grown up an evangelical Protestant and faith mattered to both of them. They even went to each others' worship services, including one excruciating nondenominational Protestant affair where the preacher went on and on about how the Jews killed Jesus. Many interfaith relationships work because one or both of the partners just don't care all that much about religion.

My friends are Catholics married to Jews, Protestants engaged to Buddhists and Hindus dating Muslims. According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 37 percent of married adults in the United States have spouses from a different religion.

So for every two Jewish women scanning JDate or her local kosher deli for the perfect Jewish man, there is one Jewish woman eyeing a Protestant or a Buddhist.

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