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nobody ever calls me back, i have all the names of people i spoke to. My insurance has rejected my claim by saying the have never received the copy of the inspection.

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Stuck on the highway in the scorching heat with my wife and 2 kids(4 years old and 7 months old).

I called and was called my extended service plan was on hold. I have a option of a car hire which I was never given 3. it came back in a worse condition than what is was when it was towed. [email protected] I submitted my claim form last of last week already but not received any response yet.

I was told to make a deposit of a missed installment and also pay for this service and then make a claim. 4way change my excessed FROM R5000 TO R15000.00 Without my consent. I need recording that I had with the assessor cause the information he gave to miway is... I don't know why they took so long you please check for me what is going name is Noludwe Luzipho their foun numbers are 041 4655011.their email address is [email protected] 0865256916 I have never received such bad service from 2 companies in partnership together.

The consultant advise me that it would take an hour for the towing company to be there i then advised her that my phones...

I have subnitted a claim to Outsurance on and received my claim number which i was told telephonically is pre approved. actioning my claim and i have to keep calling Outsurance, tell my story to every advisor / claims clerk, getting told they will be in contact with me or my husband to arrange with us to get people out to us to do the repairs!

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