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I got a swat on the rear and was told to relax or it would really hurt.

Joyce pushed it in all the way and then played with it pushing and pulling a little talking all the while "You'd like to put your dick in one of us and thrust it like this wouldn't you? " Then she pulled the plastic out while telling me that the tampon was still in there just the applicator was gone.

Joyce started talking while spanking me "You're a virgin, never put you dick in a girl, have you. " I stayed quiet, she hit harder and asked again "Don't you? Now she told me that she was going to make me feel what a woman feels with a man. She produced a small plastic thing and asked "Do you know what this is?

It's a tampon and I'm going to use it on you to let you know what it's like to be a woman." I got really nervous and tried to get up.

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Mommy takes extra special care to wipe his cock and bottom all clean before tucking him into a fresh diaper with lots of powder.

Lolette and Bunny are diapering each other but Bunny wants Lolette to try something new. They take turns administering the enemas and diapering each other. She has lot of fun teasing his cock with lots of lotion and baby powder before taping him up.

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